Zahana 33Grill

Zahana 33 came to meet its passionate customers and at the end of 2016 opened Zahana 33 Grill, a modern location close to the center of Bucharest. As can be seen from our denomination, the culinary preparations that can be enjoyed at Zahana 33 Grill are mainly grilled dishes. The top of our menu is undoubtedly the huge burger (1kg./bucata), those who have already begun to build the reputation of this location and have been able to attract loyal customers from the first few weeks of opening the site.

Out of respect for our customers and passion for modern cuisine, all Zahana 33 Grill ingredients contain the best quality ingredients, carefully selected and cooked according to their own recipes. Although we are a newly opened location, delicious culinary delights and relaxed atmosphere brought us loyal customers, both of young people who want to enjoy a huge burger with their friends and those who know how to appreciate a quality beef steak or products Specific types of hazelnuts.

Zahana 33 Grill is also available for organizing important events in the lives of its customers. The event salon can accommodate up to 80 people and is ideal for organizing weddings, baptisms, anniversaries, corporate parties and any festive meals.

Zahana 33 Grill, a new location open at Bd. Dacia no. 104, Sector 2, Bucharest.

Reservation: 0754.081.418



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Business hours

Monday – Sunday 10:00 - 22:00


Restaurant manager: Persa Alexandru
Phone: 0764.494.876

Events manager: Vera Pascale
Events: 0751.236.955
Chef: Rusu Madalin

Reservations: 0754.081.418


Zahana 33 Grill
Bd. Dacia nr. 104, Sector 2, Bucureşti,
020054, Romania